How to Actually Pass Your Driving Test


  1. Drive like you’re terrified.

Now don’t be stopping the car when a candy wrapper goes by and be going 30 under the speed limit shaking like a leaf. NO! Get your confidence up know how to drive a car! Be that asshole that can drive a car and do his laundry at the same time, BE THAT GOOD. But you cannot drive with confidence on the road test, they will fail you, because Confident drivers take their turns a little wide and know the road, and don’t look at their mirrors every five seconds, and turn left when there is a car a good enough distance away and just glide through the railroad crossing. You can’t do that, you need to drive like you are terrified to hit someone, terrified of hitting another car, terrified of being pulled over, terrified of everything. You have to check your mirrors seven times before leaving, check your blind spots 3 times before backing up, you need to count out the number of seconds you are stopped and look both ways over and over again before proceeding through an intersection with no one around. Keep in mind, the instructor does not know you are a good driver, and has probably been in the car with 6 kids that day who accidentally turned left on a red light. Don’t give them any reason to think that you’re not cautious. If you drive confidently they will find something that you did to be unsafe even if it wasn’t.

2. Don’t Talk

Driving instructors can write comments on your marking sheet, and if you talk during your exam, they will write that you are “Verbal, and distracted.” I’m not talking about having a conversation in the car, I’m talking about verbalizing what you’re seeing. Don’t say “Oh there’s a guy there, I’m gonna wait.” or “he got here first.” Just don’t say anything other than to ask for clarification or confirmation that you heard what they said. Believe me they can fail you for being distracted and talking is a good way to lower your score.

3. Don’t be a Tourist

I get it, the DMV is a confusing and frustrating place if you have never been there,  or you don’t know the process of something. Learn as much as you can before you go, you walk in, most places have you check in at a kiosk to take a number and then you sit and wait for your number to be called. Don’t bitch about how long it takes, (It always takes long) don’t ask about what the letters and numbers mean, and do not have mommy or daddy come up to the counter with you. They literally ask you to bring your paper and your driving license, thats it. Also when you perform your road test and the person tells you “Okay you can go wait in your car.” Do not wait around for your license to be given back to you. I’ve seen it too many times where people stand in the waiting room to be called again. The instructor takes everything of yours and meets you at your car, go sit down and relax, if they arrive and you’re not there it pisses them off. I say this because when you go in and you don’t know how to go through with the process and you’re nervous and anxious it’s gonna reflect on how you do on the test and how the instructor first views you as a person.

4. Don’t Dress Like an Asshole. 

No discrimination against anyone, or what they wear but don’t show up in your low cut halter top with the bare midriff, or your Daddy tattoo visible. You are trying to convince them that you are responsible and mature enough to be handling a car on the roads. You don’t want them thinking you’re gonna use your car to pimp out girls or go on your daily drug run.

5. Play it Cool.

When something goes wrong in your test, don’t even react to it, if you hit the curb, or mess up your backing skills just stay calm. Don’t acknowledge, don’t apologize, don’t make a face, and don’t think that you failed right then and there. Just continue on driving/with the examination. Theres a very low chance that they didn’t see it, but don’t draw attention to it. Driving exams are a passing grade, if you do something ridiculously dangerous then yeah, they’re gonna fail you, but if you nail everything else theres a good chance you’ll still pass. But if you freak out its just going to make them scrutinize everything you do 100x more, cause now not only are you incapable of performing the skill, you’re flustered and may do something else dangerous because you’re upset.

6. The Examiner talking is a good thing. 

When I did my road test, I met my examiner and they were very nice and talked to me a little bit before the test. During the test she didn’t say a damn thing because she was marking me. I knew the exam was done when we were driving back and she started up a conversation about where her son went to school and the mutual sports he and I played. I know this contradicts the “no talking” rule but the test was over. I thought that she had failed me and had just decided that she wasn’t going to mark me anymore, so she started talking. No it was because I had finished my exam and she thought I was a good driver and just didn’t want to sit in silence for the five minute drive back to the test centre.

7. Don’t Wear work boots

I’m pretty sure it’s a rule not to wear work boots when you’re driving anyways because it messes with how you feel the break when you’re driving. Anyways, don’t wear them for that reason, I wear steel toes to work and the sole is a good two inches thick and if I rush out to get lunch it takes a minute to get used to the break again because I can’t feel my foot pushing against it like when I wear regular sneakers. There is a good chance that they will ask you to take them off.

8. Get to 100KPH/60MPH Before entering the Highway

The Maximum speed limit on the highway is the speed you should actually be driving when you merge because there are other vehicles going that fast approaching you. The highway is dangerous and you want to avoid as little accidents as possible, you cannot merge onto the highway ten below, they examiner wants you to get up to 100/60 before you merge.



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