Ten Things People Should Know About Baseball

  1. It is against the rules to speak to other teams while in uniform. 

It’s true, not so much in little league but in the majors, it is actually against the rules to speak to anyone on the opposing team while you are in uniform. A rule many people chose to ignore, you can clearly see on TV that may of the players are friends with people of the opposite team and speak to them on the bases, but it’s actually not supposed to be allowed.

2. You cannot catch the ball with any other article of your uniform other than the Glove. 

Yes, we have seen the amazing catches made with the bare hand, and to catch the ball with your hat is a constant play shown in movies and TV shows, however it is illegal to catch the ball with your hat. Why? I’m not too sure, probably because the hat is part of your uniform and the uniform should not be manipulated or taken off.

3. Tipping your hat. 

Pitchers hit batters, it happens and 99% of the time its usually an accident, but there is also the off chance that they did it on purpose. Like any sport there are many rivalries and sometimes accidents are seen as forms of aggression. An old custom in baseball is that if you as a pitcher hit a batter, you are to tip your hat to them to let them know that it was an accident. I’ve seen what happens when someone who doesn’t know this does not tip their hat and the outcome was not pleasant.

4. Pitchers don’t hit.

A common joke in the baseball community is that ‘pitchers don’t hit,’ and its mostly because of the whole hitting batters with the ball thing. A right handed pitcher that bats left completely exposes his throwing arm to the pitcher risking getting hit. It’s very tempting in baseball to take out another teams pitcher especially when they are striking everyone out, but it’s also because pitchers can get injured at any point, at the plate or running the bases. This being said in the American League pitchers are exempt from being put in the batting order, but in the National League pitchers are required to bat, usually they’re near the bottom of the order, they do not recognize the Designated hitter rule, but they do allow for a pinch hitter.

5. RBI 

Runs Batted In

6. It’s not really a no contact sport. 

Yes in the Major leagues there are a lot of rules against unsportsmanlike behaviour and and they only recently implemented the whole “No sliding into legs” rule (Thanks Bautista for over reacting.) but baseball doesn’t really have any rules against being rough on the field. There isn’t a need for rough housing on the field, but it’s not against the rules, its just deemed unsportsmanlike. I have been cleated, had dirt thrown at me, been kicked in the chest, body slammed, slide tackled, had the ball thrown at me, helmets thrown at me, had metal cleats step on my hand, pushed, shoved, and even tripped. Problem is if someone is blocking the bag or plate, you can do pretty much anything to get to the bag and they’re gonna get in trouble for interfering. So yeah we’re just sneaky about it, and don’t have someone blowing a whistle every time blood is drawn.

7. It’s rarely the catchers fault. 

Now if a catcher can’t block a wild pitch or throw the ball to the correct base, then yes  it is their fault however I’m talking more about those ridiculous wild pitches that they can’t get to. The catcher is pretty much the one that calls the game, they have a full view on the entire field and they choose the next pitch. The catcher and pitcher do have to agree with the next pitch choice based on who comes to the plate but once they agree it is up to the pitcher to execute it properly. Think of this if you were expecting a ball to be thrown to the bottom outside corner and it comes hurtling to the high inside corner, your reaction needs to be extremely good. Or if they want the ball to be a rise ball and the pitcher throws in the dirt its up to them to react to it, give them a break if they miss one or two. The pitcher was supposed to execute it correctly.

8. Don’t pitch to strike people out, pitch to get them out. 

Pitchers jobs are to strike out batters yes, but the batters job is also to hit the ball. Striking people out is a lot harder than it looks so Pitchers tend to try to throw a pitch that if they are able to hit it, it’s not going to go anywhere and it’s gonna be an easy out for his team. He has a whole team behind him, and he’d be an idiot not to utilize them and their talents.

9. The Slang. 

Chin music, ace, basket catch, Bush league, Texas leaguer, painting the black, Baltimore chop, glass arm, Rhubarb, riding the pine, shooting peas, throwing smoke, lollipop, goose egg, dying quail. . . . it goes on and on. If you hear one of these at a ball game don’t be alarmed, they’re not crazy.

10. Theres no offside. 

There are the typical and traditional positions for baseball players to be placed, however the only place they cannot stand is in foul territory (aside from the catcher). If the second basemen wants to be in the outfield then he can be, or if the entire team wants to be against the outfield wall then they can do that. The most drastic I have ever seen in when they have a pull hitter and the entire infield and outfield shifts to the left or right depending on the batter, but there is no rule against where they want to stand in fair territory.